It’s a type of mesh that is woven with all kind of yarn or processed into a fabric.İts a knitting type which has thin and mesh appearence in all forms. French:Dentelle.

Which we believe that they contributed so much to its development, an elegance accessory most suited to women who make our world beatiful.İts an art of ornamentation that separates the whole by details.,

Through out history, it has been used in Ancient Egypt, Norse, China, İndia and Middle East geohraphies with its various examples.İn Europe, it began to spread through venetian merchants who had contributed to the trade and culture of the time and the spaniards who had blended in with the long term “Magribi-Arab” Andalusian culture.The king of french who sees the lace is a rising value laid to the fondations of the French lace industry which has kept its name until today, by simple tools he saved the profuction from manuel labour with the craftmen he brought from all europe and north Africa.

Today, lace is used in areas such as under wear, outwear evening dresses and home decoration. Lace will maintain its popularity and will contunie to add ellegance to our world till the women exist.