This section includes the general terms of use of the site, its general rules, legal responsibilities and privacy policies. The site named Meterial Fabric is also accessible from; All the terms and conditions below include this site name.

Please, METERIAL FABRIC İÇ VE DIŞ TİC. LTD. Sti. Please read the following carefully before you start using the internet sales website.

If any of the conditions mentioned in this page are not suitable for you, please do not use Using the site and filling in the form containing your personal information means that you accept the terms written on these pages in advance. reserves the right to change the general and special conditions stated below at any time. When you visit, it is important to visit this page again to see the membership and usage conditions that may change.

1.Usage and Safety rules
It is a public site that is a member of Services provided for all members are free of charge in Advanced Membership situations or otherwise.

In the following written cases, site management may prevent the member from using the site and reserves his legal rights about the person or persons involved in the following attempts:

1.1. Wrong, irregular, incomplete or misleading information, the general public ethics rules containing inappropriate expressions and the Republic of Turkey in the event of a server storing information not in accordance with the law.

1.2. In case the works and content on the site are partially or fully copied and used or attempted to be used for different purposes.

1.3. In case the information, such as user name and password, given to the members or determined by themselves, is shared with third parties or organizations (also the malicious use of the password by other persons), the MEMBER is directly responsible. Likewise, MEMBER cannot use someone else’s IP address, e-mail address, username and other information on the internet, and cannot access or use the private information of other users without permission. Any legal and penal liability that may arise due to such use belongs to the MEMBER.

1.4. In the case of using software that will threaten the general security of the site, preventing the operation of the site and the software used, performing activities, trying to be done, and obtaining, deleting, changing the information.

1.5. The Member / User, using any deficit (technical, etc.) of campaigns,’s sales system or website, damaging, providing unfair advantage, repeating practices, unrealistic acts , if’s campaigns, misuse of the sales system or website are detected by, such as its exploitation, although it does not meet the required conditions in the campaign or sale conditions, canceling the transactions in addition to all rights arising from the law of ; end user membership; has the right to terminate the sales contract unilaterally immediately.

1.6 Gift checks and discounts given to MEMBERS on cannot be sold, exchanged, shared, or transferred over the internet, except for systems. It is not permitted to use the gift vouchers offered for sale on the internet by making use of the technical deficits of the site. You can only use one gift voucher for each purchase. Only memberships created and / or inactive to redeem vouchers or discounts may cancel their own initiative at

2. Use of content
2.1. Visual, textual content offered on is for personal use. All rights of all texts, graphics, photos, videos, animations and sounds in the content of are reserved. Unless otherwise specified, it can not be used for commercial or personal purposes without permission and without reference. It is forbidden to publish any element on this site in another medium or website or to link without the permission of is open to any criticism. All these criticisms conveyed to our site are in our property and can be used for marketing purposes.

2.2. In addition, it is strictly forbidden to copy or use the software used in the design and database creation of these pages and all rights belong to

3. Responsibilities
3.1. The information of the users who visit (visit time, time, viewed pages) is followed to serve them better. The information obtained is based on the principles of confidentiality, advertising and so on. issues are shared by the companies we cooperate with. The aim is to ensure that the site has the requested features and site development.

3.2. The member can start using by entering the e-mail address and password provided that it complies with the conditions specified in this agreement after completing the registration process and confirming the e-mail address.

3.3. While the member benefits from the website and services, the Turkish Penal Code, the Turkish Commercial Code, the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, the Decree Laws regarding the Protection of Trademark and Patent Rights, and legal regulations, the Code of Obligations, and other relevant legislative provisions and agrees to comply with all kinds of announcements and notifications regarding flour services. All legal, criminal and financial responsibilities that may arise due to the use of these notices and illegal use belong to the member.

3.4. Due to failure to comply with the obligations set forth in this agreement or the general rules reported on site, the use of the member from may be temporarily or permanently prevented and / or its membership may be canceled.

3.5. The member may not act to prevent or force other members and visitors from using, and cannot force / lock servers or databases with automatic programs. It cannot attempt to cheat data. Otherwise, its membership will be terminated and it accepts all kinds of legal and criminal liability that may arise from this situation.

3.6. It is the responsibility of individuals to back up the messages made with and is recommended by cannot be held responsible for the loss, deletion and damage of the messaging due to non-backup.

3.7. The Member may not delete or remove the Copyright, Trademark and all kinds of Intellectual and Artistic Works Law scope notes on any material copied from the or printed with a printer.

3.8. The cancellation and deletion of the account can be done by the customer on The authorization of the user who ends his membership will be canceled. The person who unsubscribes accepts that this transaction is irreversible.

3.9. It is free to delete or any records belonging to the member account terminated by the member itself, cannot claim any right or compensation for the deleted records.

3:10. The relations of the members of the site with each other or with third parties are the responsibility of the people.

3.11. At the same time, the risks associated with the links (links to different websites) located on this site for the purpose of providing information and convenience to the visitors belong to the visitors.

3:12. reserves the right to use all information related to your membership in relation to its marketing activities, subject to terms of use, privacy principles and applicable legal regulations.

3:13. Different rules and obligations may be specified in certain parts of the site. Persons and organizations using these sections are deemed to have accepted the relevant rules in advance.

3:14. Please visit the “Confidentiality Agreement” page to learn the principles and practices to protect the confidentiality of our members’ information.

The MEMBER agrees that it will be deemed to have accepted all the terms of this participation agreement from the moment it has started to benefit from the Service and that it will make a decision about itself. The MEMBER will compensate all damages that will suffer due to its act contrary to the obligations undertaken by this contract, and will compensate for any compensation and / or third parties that MEMBER may have to pay due to its contractual behavior. or recourse to the MEMBER for administrative / judicial fines.

4. Rights and Obligations and Privacy
The Privacy Policy, the current rules of which are stated below, has been adopted for the confidentiality, protection and other issues of the information provided by our Members-Customers to our site (“Our Site”).
4.1. accepts and undertakes that the member will benefit from the services subject to the contract, other than technical malfunctions, and that any information other than the personal information that the member has shared will not be shared with any third parties or organizations except legal obligations. In case of any electronic sabotage, attempts to intervene in earnings and / or if it is determined that it causes the member to work on the site, or if a request for a criminal complaint or official investigation is received from the official authorities, will investigate and has the right to explain.

4.2. may make unilateral changes to this contract without any notice to ensure the continuity of the services it promises. always has the right to stop the service unilaterally or temporarily, change or cancel the content of the service without any justification. Member accepts this saving in advance. will be published on the site with a new date update under the same link under the same link, and will be notified to the member by e-mail if deemed necessary. The updated updated terms of use will be effective from the moment it is published on and the use of the site or services will depend on the renewed terms of use from that moment on.

Membership of the member who sent the materials contrary to the terms of this contract to the site may be terminated unilaterally by without any notification.

4.3. The Member / User shall be deemed to have given consent to any commercial electronic messages owned by and / or affiliated with, after reading and accepting these membership and usage conditions. In this context, the Member / User is notified by, through automated search systems such as fax, e-mail, text message that operate without any person intervention, or other communication means, without any prior permission from the Member / User, / or accepts that he may send electronic messages for advertising purposes. Information about our members-customers can be disclosed to the relevant institutions within the framework of our responsibilities stipulated by legal regulations. In addition, the contact information and other information they provide during their membership and / or shopping. The transactions of your membership to our site, updating, various products / services METERIAL FABRIC LTD. Sti. and its partners and suppliers, it can be recorded indefinitely for its sales / sales, product / service fee-cost collections and various promotion, advertisement, promotion, communication, sales and carding applications. METERIAL FABRIC LTD. Sti. and it can be stored, processed, shared and used where deemed necessary.

Member / User can give up receiving electronic messages under these terms of use without giving any reason, at any time; To do this, it will be sufficient to communicate to the request using the contact information included in the call or message. will ensure that the withdrawal request is transmitted to it in an easy way and free of charge; Upon receipt of the request, will fulfill the requirement immediately. In order to give up in e-mails from other websites, the path defined on other websites should be followed.

4.4. The information entered by our customers for membership, product / service purchase and information update on our Site, especially confidential information about credit and debit cards cannot be viewed by other internet users.

4.5. In cases where our site links to other internet-websites, the privacy-security policy and terms of use are valid for all uses and transactions; is responsible for any disputes, material and moral damages and losses that may arise due to the use of information from other websites accessed by advertising, banners, content or any other purpose, as well as the ethical principles of the sites, privacy-security principles, service quality and other practices. it is not.

5. Enforcement of the Contract
From the moment the member completes the registration process, he accepts the conditions specified in this contract and this contract is deemed to come into force. The contract will automatically become null and void without the need for any warning upon the termination of membership or any of the termination conditions listed in this contract.

6. Competent Court and Dispute Resolution
Istanbul Courts and Enforcement Offices are empowered to resolve disputes that may arise from the implementation of this contract.

7. Notification Addresses

7.1. does not ask for postal addresses from members in advance. However, the e-mail address given by the member to is accepted as an e-mail requesting the legal address for any notification regarding this contract.

7.2. Unless the parties notify the other party in writing of the changes in their existing e-mail within 3 (three) days, they agree that the requests to the old e-mails will be valid and made to them.

7.3. Again, it will be assumed that any notification to be made by using the registered email address of the member reaches the member 1 (one) day after the e-mail is sent by

You can consult us via the communication ways mentioned on our site for any additional information.

MEMBER declares, accepts and undertakes that all the articles in this participation agreement have been read, understood, accepted and confirmed the accuracy of the information given about it.


We attach great importance to data protection. You can send an e-mail to regarding your requests regarding your rights mentioned above in order to ensure that we process your personal data in an open, accurate and legal manner.