Before you send us a message, you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

Question How long will my cargo arrive?
AnswerIf you are in Turkey, your cargo will arrive in 2 to 5 days. If you are outside, your cargo will receive in 10 days.
Question Shipping all of Turkey?
AnswerWe have cargo anywhere in Turkey.
Question Is the shipping free?
AnswerShipping is free for shopping over $ 50.
Question Are you sending samples?
AnswerFabrics reach you as a whole meter calculation with the figure you choose.
Question When I want to order a product, does it come to me as a piece or as a whole?
If you choose how many meters, the products will reach you as a whole.
Question Are there other fabric and color options outside the products on the site?
AnswerOther fabric and color options are available on the site. You can get information from us via Whatsapp.
Question Is a refund option available?
AnswerFabrics received 20 meters or more are refundable. Fabrics taken under 20 meters are non-refundable. Because fabrics that are under 20 meters are considered as piece products.
Question How reliable your site is in terms of credit card and payment options.?
AnswerOur website is ssl certified and is under the guarantee of Albaraka Bank.
Question Can I use different credit cards?
AnswerAll credit cards are accepted.
Question Are credit card installment options available?
AnswerInstallment options are available on the credit card.
Question When can I contact you and get information?
AnswerYou can reach us between 09:00 a.m – 22:00 p.m.
Question Can I learn from you what fabric any dress I will wear?
AnswerYou can get information from us about the fabric of any dress or clothing you will wear.
Question Do you have a store sale or a place?
AnswerWe have store sales and place. Contact information is available on our page.
Question Are the fabric pictures yours?
AnswerYes, all the shooting belongs to us and all rights are reserved and confidential.